For FatJoe 2011 was the year of BBQ…I had the FatJoe Summer BBQ Tour….that was followed by the 2011 FatJoe Birthday BBQ Bash…two major events in the culinary world…

It was lots of fun as well as lots of calories…

Texas, no matter what people in The Carolinas or St. Louis or Kansas City say, is the KING OF BBQ. ..while it’s true that those other spots have some great Q, there are so many GREAT BBQ JOINTS in the Lone Star State that one would be very hard pressed to try them all…..yes, I would love to do that….every town in Texas boasts a place that boasts the Best BBQ in Texas…so for all the bragging those other states have…..we, here in Texas can run (sausage) rings around ’em…

Now, my BBQ quest is nowhere near complete….I dare say, I’ve not even scratched a scratch on the surface….but I’d like to think that I…

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