Prussia, The Internet, and Costco Merchandise

Canny Gal

The internet is magic.

Now, I get to say that, because I came of age during the exact point in history when the internet went from not existing to existing–but sucking– to existing and NOT sucking. For those who remember the era, let me remind you of having to write elementary school reports using the 40-year-old set of encyclopedias your grandparents owned. In worst case scenarios, using those encyclopedias led you to make references to countries that did not even exist anymore. Some people (those people being pretty much just me) can tell you about the incident of The Great Prussian Historical Confusion. But when those people (again, me) are actually asked, they will tell you that the fact that their grandparents owned a set of encyclopedias which perfectly froze a year in history when Prussia still existed is pretty cool. Even if it made you fail Social Studies.

But here we are today, when the internet saves Joe Schmoe’s bacon on a regular…

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